Elfie Ray is my art name, Karen Williams my real, far less glamourous one. I am a fine artist with a BA in fine art and an MA in art and design.

I create original digital artworks, often of immense detail that work as many tiny abstract pieces as well as a final figurative image.

I am first and foremost a painter and have an obsession for mark making and brush strokes. Since I started working digitally some years ago (primarily because I had small children and the paint didn't dry out) I have become addicted to the complexity of the image I am able to create on my computer. I use layering and a rather obsessive, labor intensive zooming in to tiny areas and scratching away for hours to create my artwork. This obsession has given rise to some interesting images that i could never have imagined had I worked solely on canvas or paper. I also paint and draw in the traditional way and find the different disciplines feed each other and become complimentary and interchangeable. 

I have many inspirations and often hover between fine art and illustration which can sometimes make my work hard to place. My work has many spiritual elements and the unbeatable beauty of nature provides a never ending source of ideas. I also gain much inspiration from all forms of visual or written culture, old or new, if I like it, it's going in the pot to be stirred up and emerge as something new. 

I hope that my work will inspire, sparkle and connect with the people who see it